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The Crown of Secrets

The Crown of Secrets, the first book from tavinjer, is a massive illustrated collection of stories for children, adults, and everybody else. A mixture of short and long, informative and inspirational, fanciful and nostalgic, this oversized picture book will be a welcome addition to any home.


The Crown of Secrets consists of 18 stories, written by Jeremiah Christie and illustrated by nine artists from all through space and time. Open the book and you might find an informative diagram about China’s flocks of dumplings or a retelling of a Navajo myth; flip a few pages over to discover the story of a girl hunting for a wild dress or a poem about the sea at night.

The stories are suitable for readers of all ages, levels, and interests, and the pictures will carry every imagination to new places.


“I was already changing”: a review of Jungle: For Ever

First, take three minutes and five seconds to consider “Busy Earnin’” from Jungle’s first album (Jungle, 2014): Old news, yes – it’s been four years since the disco funk duo put out their first album. Half of it was easily a solid 9.6/10, like “Busy Earnin’,” and half of it was a fine 6.5, chill and …


I’m the English voice of Shijiazhuang’s subway. I’ve narrated audiobooks and dictated exams; taught video classes for language learners; and voiced everything from university admissions videos to my own stories and music reviews. If you’re looking for a strong voice with a neutral accent, contact me. Let’s make something great together.

(If you need help editing or translating your copy, I have plenty of experience with that, too!)


Tavinjer is the online home of Jeremiah Christie’s writing, projects, creations, and other stuff.

Jeremiah Christie is an author, narrator, and educator from Hinesburg, Vermont. He is the creator, author and producer of The Crown of Secrets, an illustrated book of fantastical short stories for children, and Desert Mass, a mythical retelling of the Christian liturgy set to music. He has voiced everything from subway announcements to English exams, from instruction manuals to album reviews. He has traveled around the world and has been teaching lexicology, pronunciation, oral English, reading, and writing at Hebei Normal University in Shijiazhuang, China, for five years.

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