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UX Process

As a UX designer, I follow a process of discovery, iteration, and production in my work. Find an overview here, or click the pictures to see a deep dive of that step on my Behance profile.

Discover: Initial Research

User interviews, research on current products on the market, and finding a place that this project would fit in.

Discover: Target User Analysis

Creating user journeys, flows, and personas to predict why and how users will want to interact with the product.

Iterate: Foundational Design

Wireframing and prototyping to get an understanding of what information will be present, and how to organize it.

Iterate: Usability Testing

Testing prototypes on real humans, analyzing the results, and being honest about the implications.

Iterate: Rinse & Repeat

Taking what we learned from testing, then applying changes to the design and testing again, improving as we go.

Produce: Handoff

When everybody’s happy, preparing files and libraries for handoff to other collaborators.

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