The Crown of Secrets

Something New

A big book of illustrated stories

One of my favorite memories of when I was little was reading big story books with lots of pictures. When I couldn’t find many books that fit those criteria in my local bookstores, I decided to make my own.

I started off by writing the stories, accumulating them in my travels first across the United States and then across the ocean to China. Over the course of time I also got in touch with artists who shared my vision. I gave them the stories that matched their style, told them an idea of what I was looking for, and set them loose. The results were delightful.

My next step was product design. While I slowly worked through what I wanted each page to look like, I connected with a printer based a few blocks from my apartment and mapped out the physical characteristics I wanted for the book: too big to hold; thick, substantial pages; rich color; a hard and heavy cover.

Everybody was happy with the results.